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rememberings and memories

Posted to Poetry

I miss you like you were at one time mine, like
I had found what wasn't mine to find
all of my desires
just symptoms of wishes
set on fire, and
I want not water
or where I'm at
what I have
I want gasoline and set to
flames and forced to step back
from this blaze of imagination and
returning to you and you
you you're truly beautiful and
magnified a thousand times, and
I can only miss you and
live this existence by
sustaining myself on remembering, and
what may or may not
be my memories
the obvious results of survival instincts and
quite aware that your oblivious to any of this and
you might be idea
a place that's safe and
hide from pain of thought and
fears of truth and everyday and
truth is
I can only miss you

michael s. ferrell