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silent visions

Posted to Action Poetry

flash into view
as i float
on the dusty sidewalk
unaware of color schemes
that play tricks
with multi hued cornicopeas
exploding with the light
i see none of this
only hear the aftermath
as my mouth is dry
and the senses heighten
above the halos
my legs slowly fail me
and i crash into
the hard concrete
that asks to be
my new lover
head reeling with
high pitched alarms
i hear the ring
that i once wore
out of servitude and pity
the sun warming my skin
i stand on two feet
little blue sandals
keeping them safe
from lava of metropolis
i take out a port
and inhale what isn't there
smoke grey shaped
before my stinging eyes
the colors still gone
now along with the sounds
that were muted to my
uncaring ears
i walk to the corner store
and buy some wine