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deep breath

Posted to Poetry

i hate it all

every meaningless word
every empty thought
every scattered phrase
i dispise the form
curse the character
spit on the meaning
I hate every line
every verse
every stanza
why do they torture?
its binding gives me security
its pages bear truth
my soul sputters freely
from this very blue pen
why do i turn away?
its blank pages reflect me
its much deeper than that
i hate it
i want to abolish it
set on fire
watch the flames engulf my thoughts
thank GOD
take them away
dont make me suffer anymore

but its there
it comforts me
it holds me
it soothes me
tells me you have it good
SO good but you are too dumb to see
open your eyes
look around
you are ALIVE
who would want to ......
dont you see
people .........
who wish to be ALIVE
life taken
My pen cant keep up to write something
i hate
i just want to scream
do something
be somebody for everybody
stop with the quotes
stop with the voices
the prayers
the faith
why dont you just shut up

dont want to think anymore
just make it stop
and let it pass
it just needs to pass