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God wants more poetry.....

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Incendiery touch, our souls light fire when combined!
With heat, two heartbeats flint a spark of Life into our spine.
Aflame, with lack of shame we soar to tease the burn of sun!
Daedalus, a myth? Our skin could scald! The fall could stun!

As if alliance of sweet words brings sight restored, once blind,
We free the see of what can be, our nth degree aligned
Like stars in layers of the depth kept hidden from the clouds,
Our separated absence warms our skin beneath these shrouds.

Oh why!
Oh why?
I cry, my plea so lost to scattered wind!
Why has the earth devoured me and buried me within?

....."Because God wants more poetry! This Truth was never dead.
.....Before our hearts can e'er be sated, first our pens are bled.
.....This is the reason of immersion deep beneath the earth.
.....When morning dawns, this labor stops, and we will claim a birth
.....Of wonder in the thunder from the clapping of a cloud
.....Which pours our Peace, soon on our knees
.....Our praise and tears allowed."

Incendiery touch, the much of Hope, the grope of Time!
So hot the coals beneath the feet that fly above the rhyme!
His words I heard, then worlds collided, sky became the morn',
Passionate the resonance of Love, our gift now born!

Oh, God will have His poetry! Our verse will bleed in lines
While origin and lineage of stanzas make designs
Like puddles on a street reflecting rainbows, surfacing
Far past the wings of Daedalus surrounding Saturn's rings!