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Your Shadow

Posted to Action Poetry

Holding me like a warm embrace
Punishment like soft kisses, which never cease
Engulfed by these embers which seek me out

I fold, allowing the comfort
Of your voice on the wind
How it beckons to me, like calling me home

Using the same tone, speaking my name
How I still giggle by the thought of us
Running barefoot, as children do

Once we were freed, no one could stop us
Love and lust, and magic by the touch
Somethings we never said, but trust

Now sands are slipping our life together
Away now, sweeping us under

Your shadow, still follows
With every heartbeat, of endless tomorrows
Until the day comes, where you're no longer my baby

Someone up there, has alternate plans
Perhaps, we shall finally be that free again
Dancing once more where the cliffs meet the shore

Eternal love, I promise you this...
Not all deals can be sealed by a kiss

I will await you in Heaven
For I ve waited so long to feel your presence
Walking again beside me, hand in hand