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Blues about today and yester-whats....!)

Posted to Action Poetry

That is where I be...
Somewhere between here
And eternity
Bound by yesterday
Seeing shows by the bay
Ya Daddy, I remember you!
Stage divin fools
Breakin these ribs in two
John really went off
Hell ya, lets get tossed!
Skinny Puppy, all those clubs
Baby if I knew five bucks
Would make this bottom fall through
I would've paid ten! ...
Makin out in the corner
Like a two bit hooker
Ya, I loved patent leather
Carl and his jiggy dancin soul
No class baby, KNOW school
Runs to Compton, gotta love all that
Muddy Rivers at the local dive bar
You know what Im sayin...
Where's Bobby, Sano and such can run, but ya cant hide baby
I am your PUNK ROCK GIRL, and Iam
Clinging to the sides
Watchin this world swoon and swirl
Ya rememberin' it's all a SWINDLE....:)
Sebbalicious is gonna step in, KICK IT UP A NOTCH
Oh yeah, five course feeding on what-nots
I got yer coconut, right here!
Its a new time, a New Year!
So give me the low down, you hear me boy!
I dont wanna get all aggro on yer ass
Its down to the bone Daddy! So whip out
That harp and lets get jammin.....
Try to play off that mess in Portland
You know who I called, MR FORGOTTEN...
Thats what Im sayin, kick it up!
You owe me a mocha frap mister man...
So tell me...where have you been my whole life, haha
And tell Seb whats up!

heheheheheeeeee :)