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Time to stop dreaming, and live the dream.

Posted to Action Poetry

I sit at this computer
being torn, between
this two dimensioned
multidimension reality

In my three dimensional world
right here, where I sit
there is a wall waiting
in this library
for teak shelves to line it.

There is an "US"
waiting to be two
a yin a yang
a magic man

in ying yangs there are no triangles
no magic love of three
only ever flowing balance
perfect harmony

Let the dreamers dream
let the poets weep
for tonight I give my heart my soul
and my body forever to keep

To my true one and only
the one who should not be lonely
whose poems are real to my ears
The one i can touch
with this flesh of mine
The one who is here
but also divine

Tonight I say goodbye
to inter love affairs
but If i close my eyes
to dream, you I will find there

Peace and love
I send on to the world
via the sattellite
May magic knowing
be with you always.

I live
my life.

Sweet magic love