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routine day of a labor slave work slut

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Routine day of a labor slave work slut

Ready made stumble speech skirts
Rancid milk aroma newsprint
On stacks On stacks beside ice cream bars
For 2.75 dollars add coffee
When morning birds chirp right ideas
Better than breaking stories
On earth, her hostess and open bar
Falling off stool drunk on lack of air
Breath us living on smoke for morning meal
Shitting ulcerous tumors smelling like stomach rot
Young maid forgot toilet tissue
Fire the wench back to Tuscon! (Slam fist!)
One way wage paying bastard bully boy
Now man, wrinkled sagging gut covers
Gold belt buckle framed with teeth
Eats more beef rump than he
Bus ride home babies cry-eeeee!
Momma smaks fat cheeks
And sleep waits on pothole road
Over buzz grate bridge
For corner room appartment on the fifth floor
Above cat food factory steamed fish
Draws ferel strays whining in heat
Dying in green cement stairwell on first floor
From dumpster poison and infected
Food can lacarations to face and feet
It's lights out for now