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are like a sea of calm
in the midst of a hurry-can(e)
floating me away to
peace-full shores
something about you
touches something deep,
oceanic inside of me
falling in love with you
would be so easy-
not to rock any boats
or loosen the moors
you on solid rock
me on liquidity
~water flows making

Hi Cecil, I do love your poetry, random utterances, and haikus. I feel you are very wise and a rare exception in this hectic paced world. I am a big fan, a groupie, I guess you could call me and you have inspired me to write on litkicks casting off my anchors of fear and repression. Thank you for that and so much more. I am off this week and next to parts unknown, sailing away, as I so love to do. Each new sight will remind me of you, your peacefulness, your compassion, and I will hopefully return to read you some more.

Sorry for rambling on but I felt I needed to tell you what you have done for me.