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love me twice

Posted to Poetry

the fun is over;
the dream is gone;
long lost girl-friends still haunt my sleep;
she turned over and smiled at me;
made me think of suicide;
its not all that bad;
but mostly so;
made for pleasure;
why can't i wake from this terrible sleep;
ive never seen dawn;
except through glass;
could my eyes bare the sight of it?;
would wings sprout and carry me away?;
or is that the bottle talking now?;
visions of cornfields and long straight-aways;
revving up motors with Daisy Duke girls bopping on the side-lines;
she screamed then as i do now;
ate cauliflower with soy cheese;
my little Earth-girl;
but ulcers and cancers and pisces , aquarius and sagittarius;
all those busy bees and paramours;
dance with me on a sunday morning;
the virgin is lonely and lost with out you;
everythings horrible and everythings fine;
i'll be alright...