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time bomb

Posted to Action Poetry

to incinerate the moment
as fast as it happens

i remember the day we met
our eyes locked in a trance
i see the depth of what
love can create with matter
my mind clearin of thought
as my heart swelled to talk
to my limbs and shape my mouth
invintin you into my life
without hesitations
no longer routined
parallel'd to life without
one to call my own
simple encounters gone
with meanin i felt alive
for the longest not
even realizin it wasn't there
cigarette smoke to drift away
then, then...time changed
in a second and it was gone
like the trail unused
to overgrow and hide
my life, your life, our life
when rain falls i feel it
inside my bones tryin to
claw its way out of me
the sorrow that grows
to see shadows of
past moment everywhere
hear a song from before
my sight blurs with tears
to know we are no more
and that i am alone
tryin to live as before
with half of me
trapped somewhere i am not
i stumble newly blind
in the obstructed world
waitin for the final fall
that'll burst me open

a time bomb
ready to explode and
destroy now, as it happens