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Only the Flesh, not the soul...

Posted to Action Poetry

Its easy to cast stones
Become sheltered by the whirl, the hustle
The bustle of passing cars, and seasons changing
Years go by, over and over, days go in and out
and there I tread...heavy hearted and looking
For a temporary fix, a pit stop on this road of life
Beds disheveled tell of only one night stands
For my body is just flesh, and satisfaction is easy
To come by...Men are a dime a dozen, and I dont have
to buy their love, to get their sex
Yet then there are moments I have seen the affects of this
When I drive home flooded by my own tears
Weeping for the girl I used to be
The old fashioned style I recognize
Back to the basin, washing the smell of a stranger
From my face, then the scrubbing becomes intensified
I find myself lost in a shower, for thirty minutes
Peeling the skin from the bone practically
Feeling so fucking dirty, and betraying what I feel inside
There's no going back, and no stopping these hands of time
Spreading myself as thin as silk, with only a cigarette
And the swirls of smoke to keep my company
All to make up for this beating myself up inside
What could I have done better? Was I a less than perfect
Lover? Did I not listen to him close enough? Or did I merely smother that ember out?
I look into traffic, reminded everywhere in my hometown
Faces I remember, places we've been...same old songs
playing our tale...wondering, does he ever think of me?
Do I ever cross his mind anymore? How can he see a Saab and not think of these things?
And then it happens again....the shadow eclipses my twin, and the rollercoaster begins its chugging...
Losing myself, losing my sleep, losing my voice...
What difference does any of this actually make? Nobody cares about anyone anymore...So the pendulum begins to swing
One night stands happen all over again, and I drive home sobbing, flooding by my own tears, for being an old fashioned girl, lost in a FUCKING kind of world...and I approach that faithful basin, scrubbing my face beyond remove the stain left from a stranger..trying to fill this emptiness, yet again...
and that is where the story ends...........