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fuck morrison

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Fuck Jim Morrison. Everyone thinks he was a poet. If Morrison was a real poet, he would have learned at a young age to subside the limelight he was living in for a more simple and "quiet" debauched lifestyle of writing poetry. But he couldn't help it, he craved the attention, and he couldn't let his ego suffer. He was a poet, sure, and my ass is a finely shaped apple.

Just ask the late great Gregory Corso on what he thought about Morrison and my harsh words wouldn't even compare. Lets not get too carried away on the Morrison legacy (fallacy). Morrison wasn't a shaman. He may have been interested in shamanism, but in no way did he heal anyone or anything. Too bad Terrence Mckenna isn't still alive, because he would be able to give you his opinion on the "Morrison as a shaman" crock pot as well.