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Hi-- this is my first message post. I'm new......
aw shucks...
well... I'm reading an amazing book of philosophy written by the truly marvelous Abraham Joshua Heschel. It's called "God in Search of Man." Wow.
Also-- I'm reading a great book on Jewish mysticism called The Thirteen Petalled Rose. It's by the incomparable Adin Steinsaltz.
Also-- if you're curious my user name refers to the emanation of perfect beauty and harmony in the S'firotic system of the Qabbalah (the Hebrew name for Jewish mysticism). The parallels to Buddhism and Taoism are truly cool. You can't find them directly in the above, but you can a)figure 'em out or b) read a book written on the subject. There are a few out can actually find one or two at Border's.

Thanks for letting me babble on...