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i like that ruby

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not gangin up on ya, but i like Jim too... no, he's not the 'conventional' laid back and disinterested poet, but, as Artaud would have it - and as far as i know Jim was interested in him and Rambuad (correct if wrong) which is a philosophy of action and interaction, the idea of *living* not observing.

By the by, poets are what ever invokes sentience.... to be sure, for me, subjectivily and all that, Jim certainly invoked a feeling sentience, of consciousness, of LIFE in me.

Blak! Just listen to Jim.

"Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where once we had shoulders smooth a raven's claws."

Ding, Ding!! He's got my vote, though i do believe he could be fairly hit and miss sometimes, like the rest of us mind u.