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just saw that. wow

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no void here
too much stuff
so much of it is shit
I can't use anymore
hold on I gotta throw this out
move over to the side a bit
some sharp old teeth
don't wanna hit ya with em
let's talk for a while
if you looked at my drawings
in sequence you'd see what I'm bout ta tell ya
in the first one I'm pushin all the shit aside
but I got a mask on so I won't be recognized
the next ones me pulling the curtian back over the door
cause I didn't like it out there
nothin worth seeing
then there's my son and lover out there
so the mask comes off
but I still got my head in the clouds
step out once in a while
so I can make some kinda impact on em
while I'm steppin out I met you
and I'm thinkin maybe I just wasn't payin attention before
then I meet your girl
I'm sure of it
there is stuff happenin out here
so this last one you never saw
by the time I figured it all out
like right now as I write
it was too late
this one's purple and green
of course
just followin directions
no mask cause I wore it so long
it smells and I don't wanna forget what I look like
top of my head's gone
stuff comin out's twisted
hey while you're here
if ya got a light
could you set the pile of worthless shit
over there, a flame
I haven't found any matches yet
oh shit-yeah
I do see that
that last verse you threw out sparked it
damn you're good
excuse me
I really have so much ta sort through
hey if you come back by
and I'm engrossed in Feng Shui activities
I found a book on it in here
before I can get a good flow in my space
I got ta clear out all the clutter
shit what was I tellin ya
oh yeah
just make sure I'm payin attention
ta what's goin on out there
I really don't wanna throw shit at ya
oh and hey
bring ya girl by
I'd love ta show ya all around
now that most of the shit's gone
and ya can walk around inside
I'm all outta action now

see the row of silver balls
pull the one on the end way back
now let it go