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Morrison (your god)

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Anyone who dies at the age of 27 from a heart attack DESERVES to be questioned. I mean, you people are so fucking naive you think his "poetry" is something special, it makes me laugh, and I'm not the only one to do it.

Obviously, Morrison died from self-induced chronic consumption. No question about it. And he is not alive, and don't get your hopes up because a friend of mine works as Pierre La Chaise sorry to burst your naive bubbles.

Anyone who thinks that Morrison's poetry should be studied in a post-graduate level class should have their head examined. Morrison was all about getting his mind completely fucking blown from ANY sort of chemical, and then writing about it in a completely irrelevant and uninteresting style. Thus, by Morrison drinking too much and writing about his crap, other young idiotic hippies take to heart his bullshit words which mean completely nothing because in most cases, the readers are fucked up as well. Yeah I agree, his writing is unique, but when you're not fucked up, it's pointless and it doesn't get me off in any way.

"I am the Lizard King, I can do anything!" (?????) What the fuck does that mean?