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Laughing out loudly!

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It is important to study present-day folklore to better understand phenomena causing young people to behave as they behave. As for studying pop culture and youth, the need for these studies is the most important, above all in our age of heavy commercialism. I have been teaching teenagers some Spanish at local schools to pay my bills during university studies, so I know what I speak of. I myself like rock music very much, and I'm just glad pop culture is being studied.

Just one example of the need to understand the social phenomena and problems of youth culture, i.e. racism that is spreading to every country receiving refugees and immigrants from other parts of the world: the city where this Dr. Söderholm works, suffered during recent years of serious attacks of 'skinheads' against any people with different origin, so they didn't dare to go out to streets. This problem was also discussed and research groups tried to find out how to solve the problem. Don't you know the proverb "Learn to know your enemy"?

Dear friend, I think it is vain to talk with you, if your attitude towards this theme is as hostile as it seems to be.