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5 pages to go of Plato

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then I'm done with "Republic". Glad I read it...but it sure wasn't easy. Plato's constant affirmation of his own work (how much can be contributed to Socrates?) through the voice of his characters in dialog can get a bit tedious. But we see Democracy praised in the book. But something I was confused about (Levi, maybe you can help shed some light). In the beginning, the state being described almost seems aristocratic and potentially even autocratic (please correct me if I have the wrong concept), with the life and freedom and utilitarianism of the people dictated by an elite minority. I must have missed the transition to the advocation of a democratic state. And of what good sense is Book 10 where Plato seems to be bashing poetry (even Homer's) because it supposedly does not provide for its readers a valid portrayal of truth, yet in the beginning of the book he allows for certain types necessary for fostering a desired character? Dunno, maybe I missed many of the points being made. I found it hard to continue past the first half of the book, but then again, my attention span is quite demanding of content (or just short).