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i myself am drowning in finals (but yet i rant on about absurdity here). However, I have not read naked lunch. On the Road has been called(believe it or not)the 20th centuries Huckleberry Finn. Sal Paradise is the author Jack Kerouac. Dean Moriarty is his real life friend, Neal Cassady. Kerouac drew influence from jazz music, Hemingway, Rimbaud, in order to write a different type of novel (keep in mind he wrote it in 3 weeks on a long roll of paper). In OTR, Kerouac strayed from his original novel called "The Town and the City." That novel was more basic and traditional, I think Kerouac was trying to break some sort of barrier with OTR.

As far as comparisons, I'm not sure because I haven't read Naked Lunch. However, William S. Burroughs and Jack Kerouac were also real life friends. I think it was Kerouac who influenced Burroughs (a Harvard(?) drug addict) to become a writer. Naked Lunch has more a surrealist touch to it, and I'm not sure what else to say because I'm typing a paper myself right now, sorry dear.