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Ignorant Fool

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My congradulations on your finely shaped, vaguely apple like ass, because contrary to your rather close minded and extraordinary belief, Jim Morrison was a poet, and a damn good one at that. It seems that you have somehow come to the conclusion that every person that chooses the life of a poet must be selfless, poor and hopelessly introverted. You say the Jim Morrison was not a poet because he embraced the limelight, because he did not shun society. Jim Morrison embraced the spotlight because he was a poet, he wanted his words to be circulated so as not to end up like the thousands of impoverished artists currently feeding off of welfare while they write desperate pleas for help in their pathetic prose. He did not shun society because he knew himself to be one of its leaders. His poetry spoke for the people that he led, and because he did it through song doesnt detract from its genius. Now we come to your insane plea that Morrison did not care about Shamanism, your implication that it was a gimic to him. It was no gimic that he spent years of his life rooting through the strange world of his mind to find himself, a well documented journey if you ever got off of your Oscar Wilde, lily ass (possibly apple shaped) to read An American Night, and found that he had the stirrings of a greater hypnotic power inside. It is sure as hell no gimic that he had an impressive to say the least hold over audiences, a near slavery of the mind even. He was a Shaman, he was the Lizard King, and he was a poet, even if you are going to take the public face from the man, do not take a dead mans talent, it is cowardly to hit a corpse.