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Due to my poor English I wasn't able to say what I wanted about Jim Morrison.

Dr. Söderholm wrote a thorough musical introduction of about 40 pages to the actual study of the cult around Morrison - in the 2nd chapter of his thesis, called "JM, The Doors, and the cultural awarenesses/ consciousnesses of the 1960s". He compares the new British rock music, and the breakthrough, transition of rock music in the US. In Europe rock music was accused as being 'rubbish culture', but in the US its haters moralized it as being evil, dissolute.

However, the social radicalism and need for experiments in the US of the 1960s made it possible for Morrison and The Doors that in their music, lyrics, performance, and imago there combined e.g. rockn'roll, William Blake's poetry, the philosophies of Friedrich Nietzsche, and Aldous Huxley, ethnic worldview of Indians, shamanism, tragedies of ancient Greeks and Romans, Artaudian 'theatre of cruelty', 1960s experimental film-making, and many other ideas.

Notice also that he didn't let his managers say what and how to play, he was himself the leader of The Doors' music, everything, and sure what he wanted them to play. And when he gave beforehand-prepared interviews, he carefully chose his words, which then went into the printed media as characterizations like 'acid rock', 'Artaudean rock', 'Gothic rock', and 'erotic politics'.

He didn't want The Doors to play mere "let's have fun" music, instead there were in their performances elements of dark Artaudean and Gothic frightful effects. What I get from the introduction in this thesis to the music scene of the 1960s, and Morrison's music and poetry, is that he was very talented in creating their music and in combining his own vision, or philosophy which he realized in his art.

Dear Litkickers and American friends! I am sorry if my presentation of this theme looks wretched due to my lack of fluent English, but I think Dr. Söderholm has made an excellent work while studying the cult that developed into a mythologizing of Jim Morrison. At the present he is also teaching cultural studies of South American peoples and their cultures.