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SHOE FETISH by Sharon Bennett-Williams & Bea MooreHarris

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This was a surprisingly enjoyable book. I was in Atlanta,GA for Their annual Black Expo. I came across a booth of a new author selling her freshly titled book: SHOE FETISH; A woman's odyssey of love for her men and her shoes. I was immediately intrigued by the title and the cover art....the nude silhouette of a woman in a large shoe, surrounded by dozens of smaller shoes. This was fast paced and kept my attention. These teenage friends learned of love through self discovery. They dealt with torment, insanity, love, and death. Many times I laughed and other times I cried. The way they came through it all was inspirational. It also has a mystery in it, that you'll try to solve. My college friend called me from Texas to tell me of a book she picked up at a booksigning. Yes, it was Shoe Fetish....We laughed about that. You can check it out on line at (search by title or lastname), and enjoy this journey. Trust me you won't be able to put it down, until you've finished.