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thanks, but i disagree

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about jane austin, rather than 'fluffy' stories about 'inbred aristocrats', her work contains humour, wit, satire and sharp social observation. I agree that the characters themselves can come across as slightly one-dimensional, but this is not her primary merit as an artist. She merely uses almost an array of social 'types', and weaves them into an intricate psychological fugue. She is also a master story teller. She is especially significant for highlighting the resrtictive, ignorant (sometimes laughable) social constraints put on women at the time. In some of her novels, noteably 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'Mansefield Park' she explores the consequences when a woman has the courage and intelligence to shake off and overcome these social restrictions, thus pushing her work into the wider social/political arena - not just dealing with 'fluffy aristocrats'