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Thanks for the info...!

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I appreciate the help and all, because I recently read the whole Rosy crucifixtion series again and was looking at Big Sur the other day too, so getting hold of this book is next on my list. I guess I need to be reading Miller, it seems that nothing else really holds my interest or feels like it has any real substance after reading "a Quest among the Bewildered" a while back. I found out from a friend of mine who's known about Wulf Zendik for years that he used to smuggle Henry"s books into London when they were banned. He must have been influenced by Henry's ways and there's a quote about Henry on the website for "Quest among the Bewildered". If you haven't checked it out yet it's at

"Quiet Days in Clichy" is maybe just what I need, I look around at the way the world is and sometimes I just want to take a rocket-launcher to the scene...
Then I come across a Zendik or a Miller and it hits me again - Life is just waiting for us to DIVE IN...