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Robert Creeley's poems

Posted to What Are You Reading? Windows published 1990, containing also poems he must have written one year in Helsinki, called "Helsinki Window". I like the economy of his short verse and especially in the Helsinki poems a peculiar way to cut lines so the thought runs smoothly over the line endings. And what choice of words, sounding like music in my ears! I also like a couple of short lively poems belonging to his Helsinki period, referring to childhood and youthful themes, "So Much", and "First Love". I have also found a few websites about Creeley with some of his short masterpiece poems there. I hope it's legal to copy one poem by Creeley on Litkicks pages from Windows:


Oh your face is there a mirror days
weeks we lived those other places in
all that ridiculous waste the young we
wanted not to be walked endless streets
in novels read about life went home at
night to sleep in tentative houses left
one another somewhere now unclear no per-
sons really left but for paper a child or
two or three and whatever physical events
were carved then on that tree like initials
a heart a face of quiet blood and somehow
you kept saying and saying an unending pain.

The next poem belongs to the group of poems titled "Helsinki Window":

- - -

He was at the edge of this
reflective echo the words blown
back in air a bubble of suddenly
apparent person who walked to
sit down by the familiar brook and
thought about his fading life
all "fading life" in tremulous airy
perspect saw it hover in the surface
of that moving darkness at the edge
of sun's passing water's sudden depth
his own hands' knotted surface the
sounding in himself of some other

- - -

Admiring Creeley's poetry,