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the fall of mere christianity

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naw, just playing with ya...I have Lewis's book and it has been many years since I read it-it was required reading for me in college.
I did just recently finish another book from Lewis called "The Four Loves" and found it to be quite enjoyable. He discusses the subject of love as it is manifested in our lives and divided it into four broad catagories: Affection, Friendship, Eros, and Charity. If anyone ever questions what is meant by "God is Love" and how that may relate and translate into human relationships, this is a good book. I have read a little Narnia when I was younger, but have not read much of Lewis's more theological/philosophical works, so I was impressed with Four Loves. I also just purchased his "Screwtape Letters" which I heard is an excellent and entertaining read about two demons in a world where evil is good, and what's good is evil. And then there's the book he wrote about his personal experience of going from being a good, marginal Christian-to atheism-and then a deeply committed and convicted believer in the Christian faith. Have you ever seen the movie "Shadowlands"? It is heart-renchingly good, based on his life. Gosh...I guess I'm on my way to becoming Lewisfied (if not already there). I admire the man's perspectives and intelligence.

Are there any other spiritual or religion-related authors you've enjoyed?

I should read Camus...what would you suggest I begin with?