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Women in Love, by D.H. Lawrence, Chapter I of XXXII

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An author i've only touched on indirectly. I have internal links to Colin Wilson's discussion of outsider observations. The two sisters seem like aliens in an other world, and the wedding, with the paroxysm of Gudrun, and Ursula's "disinterestedness", which isn't wholely removed, sparks of a surreal sence of unconscious upsurges, of which the characters remain unaware, though completely affected (eg. "inoculated"). Love, and attraction are implicitly linked, as are intuition and "character". I got into the chapter quite quickly - not surprising considering its hyper-descriptive narration. At times, a bit verbose, but forgivable, as it usually ends up in a quick dictionary fumble and an increase in my own vocabulary.
Might write a little synopses like this for all the chapters, more for myself than to be read by others (but read on if you like). I am reviewing the book for college next year.

If anybody would like to add something on this it'll be much welcomed, either on the first chapter or the whole book...