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i'm so glad you are reading this

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first of all

the two sisters are like two different sides of the same coin
close and always linked in some way throughout the book
yet opposites in almost every way

the first chapter is a clever way of laurence introducing all the main characters (especially ursula and gudrun), setting the geographical, social, polital and historical scene.

the wedding symbolises the main themes of the book - love, commitment, social convention, social class, religion

seen through the eyes of the sisters, it also represents the beginning of their passage into the world of love and marriage, which continues throughout the book

i highly recommend that you read 'the rainbow' first, as it chronicles three generations of the brangwen family, ending in the childhood of ursula.

it is the sequel to 'women in love' and sets the mood, scene and story of the second book

but more importantly, it will allow you to absorb the history of the characters - very interesting considering that ursula had a polish grandmother

anyway, let me know how you get on

i've read most of dh lawrences work, and love it

i especially recommend 'the rainbow', 'lady chatterleys lover' and the short novels, which i am reading at the moment for the umpteenth time! 'St Mawr' is my favourite.

warm wishes