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You gonna be an ass again?

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If you are telling me to take advanced English / Comp. Lit. classes let me just remind you that you do not know my background and I assure you that it is beyond undergrad "advanced English / Comp. Lit"

My point was that Kerouac jumped from source to source. From Wolfe to Neal(hero of American West) to Snyder (and the east) to Joyce(innovative novelist) and on and on. Wolfe is not an influence after OTR and bop prose. Kerouac's progression is not linear; it is, as you say, elcetic.

You seemed to be saying that Kerouac was a racist because he didn’t go as far as Snyder did into Eastern thought and religion (certainly Kerouac makes some non-PC comments late in his life, but that is semi off topic). It seems that you took a Modern Lit course this semester and your prof. was really into pointing out Kerouac's relationships with non-whites. Or maybe that was your grand thesis for the final paper.

While scholarship is a wonderful thing, it can lead to tunnel vision. Stop trying to reprove someone's thesis on this board and start listening to the points of others.

AGAIN my point was that Kerouac jumped from source, to influence, to influence to source. I admire the writing that came out his life.

We were having a meaningful conversation where we disagreed on a few minor points and you tell me to take some undergrad courses because my thesis doesn’t mirror yours? As you grow as a person and a scholar you will see that is part of the fun.