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is America even yet?.

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-only a simpleton would propose that current multinational operations against terrorist targets overseas is motivated by an eye for an eye, 'one of us for one of them' revenge agenda. Were the victims of 9/11 somehow less innocent than supposed Afghani civilian casualties? Would future inocent victims of fanatical anti-western violence be somehow justified in anyones estimation? I think not. The WTC attack just wasnt an assault on America,(they didnt hit the American Trade Center, it was the WORLD Trade Center), it was a blow against all that civilization represents. Poor little Saddam has gotten wealthy off of western petro-dollars, so that gives him the right to commit genocide in Northern Iraq? yah, right. Brown people bombing white people is excusable, and brown people bombing brown people is fine,too,right? But heaven forbid white people bomb brown people,
or something called justice is desired and achieved by peace loving citizens of the world. Your buddy Saddam is a tin-pot meglomaniac scum bag, and will wind up where all those kind of tyrannical motherfuckers wind up. Dumped in a hole in the ground with a bullet in his head. Right on top of Omar and bin Laden. Its ridiculous that you imply this campaign is somehow racialy motivated. As for your comment about freedom in the west, when,if ever, have you gotten any email or internet action out of citizens of Iraq. Do you think citizens there can access opinions of the global community, or do they just get what Saddam thinks they should get?