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Running on the Spot by The Jam

Posted to Poetry and Politics

from the album "the gift"

I was hoping we'd make real progress--
But it seems we have lost the power
Any tiny step of advancement
Is like a raindrop falling into the ocean-
We're just running on the spot-always have-alway's will/
We're just the next generation of the emotionally crippled

Though we keep piling up the building blocks
The structure never seems to get any higher
Because we keep kicking out the foundations
And stand useless while our lives fall down
I believe in life and I believe in love
But the world in which I live in
keeps trying to prove me wrong

Out in the pastures we call society
You cant see further than the bottom of yr glass
Only young but easily shocked
You get all violent when the boat gets rocked

Just like sheep--little lambs to the slaughter
Dont fully grasp what exactly is wrong

Truth is you never cared--still--
You get all violent when the boat gets rocked

Intelligence should be our first weapon
And stop revelling in rejection
And follow yourselves not ageing brain drain
Whose quite content to go on feeding you garbage......