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Bush is just as much

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an egotistical tyrannical motherfucker
just like Saddam, or maybe you've never heard
of the Patriot Act since it is obvious all your
news comes from corporate media. instead of reciting
the American anthem anytime someone starts criticizing
US policies, maybe you should stop and think, gee could
6 billion people be wrong in hating America. America put
Saddam into power, encouraged him to build-up his military
amd sat idly by while he gassed Kurds and Shiites. They
only went after Saddam after he decided he wanted to
nationalize oil and become his own man. Then, and only then
was it bad Saddam, he's murdering Kurds (the media ignored
the butchering of the Shiites because they didn't have
Aryan features America could identify with). And after
American forces had landed in Iraq, they didn't go after
Saddam's elite troops, they went after the conscript army
consisting of above mentioned Kurds and Shiites. And then
when the Kurds in the North started rebelling, American
troops stood idly by while Saddam massacred them, even tho
they were practically in sighting distance. Same thing
when the Shiites in the South rose up. America's foriegn
and domestic policy is motivated by greed, and racial hatred, or perhaps you're never noticed the anti-Arab bias
in all the newspapers? of course not, AMerica is great.
God bless AMerica, mutherfucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!