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well, to begin with,

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before Saddam came to power, he was given a list
by the US of Iraq communists to murder, which he gleefully
did. after he had proven he was a good little boy and
had grasped some power, the US becan pumping in millions
of dollars in aid, almost exclusively in weaponry. I'm
sure by anyone's definition, that is "put in power".
Secondly, I did not mean to imply America's foreign policy
was motivated by "racial hatred". it's motivated by greed.
the media in the US (Canada too) is extremely anti-Arab,
and the fact of the matter is the US military did not say
boo about the gassings going on inside Iraq until the US
citizens somehow got wind of it. remember too, the US were
working on a deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan to build
a pipeline thru the Caspian Basin (a few Taliban leaders were invited to Bush's [then govenor of Texas] ranch) and
that deal was only scuttled because some feminist groups
heard about the way the Taliban were treating women and they
raised a ruckus. And thirdly, on August 12, prior to the start of the Gulf War, Saddam made an offer to try and jump-start negotiations between Iraq and US. it was rejected. ANother offer on August 19 was also rejected out of hand. Yet again, on August 23, where Iraq said they would withdraw
from Kuwait, an end to sanctions, ect. You probably know
nothing about these offers because they weren't discussed
in the mainstream right-wing media which is where you obviously get your news from judging by your comments. And
I was not comparing Bush's crimes with Saddam's, because where Saddam was butchering his own people, Bush was
dropping bombs on the Afghanistans only (and oh yea, some
Canadian troops as well).But Bush is every bit as petty and
tyrannical as is Saddam. Mull that over.