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postscript to a postscript

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In actual fact, I do not hate Americans nor
for that matter America. I hate American foriegn policy
that is geared at filling the pockets of the rich at the
expense of the environment and human rights. this is true
of the ruling class everywhere, and yes, I hate them all too. Even the Canadian government has bloody hands. What
I do hate is complacency, ignorance and apathy, and all
three traits seem to make-up the AMerican character (not
everyone because that would be a gross generalization) but
if you look at things like voter turn-out compared to how
many people tune into the super bowl, well, do you get my
point. the media deserves most of the credit for keeping the public apathetic and ignorant, but ultimately, whose
decision is it to turn on the television and believe all
the lies. If you're doing something, anything, no matter
how seemingly small or insignificant that contributes to human understanding and love for one's fellow humans and
planet (and there are millions of Americans doing just that)
then they get my respect and love. But for the rest of
the population who just sits on their fat asses bitching
about the way things are without trying to change them,
then I say fuck you, you're a waste of space.
I don't remember what my original point was, I just don't
want to be misconstrued as someone who is full of hate and
anger. I'm only half-full.

bright bliss to you all!