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I offer an explanation for shrimp's turning of this topic in the above post entitled "You gonna be an ass again?".

It sounds to me as though he had a professor taught Kerouac by looking at his relationships with non-whites or wrote a paper (maybe just did some research and came across an essay) arguing this point.

You best be careful because shrimp is quick to attack anyone who doesnt agree with him. As I also said in that post I think that while scholarship is a wonderful thing it can lead to tunnel vision and I think that one day shrimp may realize that just because someone doesnt want to buy his thesis he or she is not a moron.

BTW I agree with you on your point about his era. I think Kerouac opened up his heart to most people very widely (as anyone should be able to see when reading Kerouac on Jazz or Mexico etc.) which was not a common thing during his lifetime.

Good post!