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right to indignity and torture

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the UN recently visited the woomera detention centre in South Australia and our(ha!)government
who is so proud of their policy of mandatory and indefinite detention of "coloured" people fleeing persecution
tookdown SOME of the razor wire that protects natonal insecurity
and they spread plants around the compound
if these bastards are so smug and content with how they treat these desperate individuals then why the cosmetic applications?
why cover up something you're not ashamed of?
why if you're doing absolutely nothing wrong do you lie about your actions?

not to mention the recent drugging and deportation of an Iranian refugee
an activist who fled his home of hate
sent back against his will and never heard from since

advance australia far skinned people only
this is what my country is becoming
has always been
since the real illegals arrived en masse
the real invasion from the north


textual look at an asylum seeker compound