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what is so freakin radical

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"sometimes these little things wash over me and sometimes they tear at me like claws and scratch and scratch and I can't forget and I can't ignore it I mean betty saying "could we please flush the toilets when we pee" and I really think it's time to be in a place where what I believe is the norm rather than a deviation from the norm and theoretically the whole world's mindset is in flux with mine because in my opinion otherwise we are spiraling down, fast, but anyway I am sick of being a marginal opinion and sick of my thoughts being thought of as radical or crazy and just in general sick of having to constantly gauge other people's stances on things I think about all the time I hear that there are likeminded individuals everywhere and have found this to be absolutely true but I am certainly sick of having to hunt them down what is so crazy about wanting to make a living in a way that makes sense and is intellectually, physically and spiritually stimulating, what is so freakin radical about caring about the future of our children and grandchildren

does everyone believe they are doing things for ultimate good? because a lot of the time, it seems like people aren't thinking much of anything"
-my little sis