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lonely as a mexican breakfast

Posted to Action Poetry

6:00 a.m. driving past the mexican restaurant
closed, black windows, no one home
car engine humminÂ’ like greasy bacon
a drunk sleeping beneath the dumpster,
in the sweep of headlights crushed glass
litters the pavement like diamond clusters,
across the street the smokey donut shop
is filled with coffee & coughing
& newsprint on twisting fingers,
smell of frying flour & powdered sugar,
waking eyes muffled conversation
as my car blows by, radio fizzing.
iÂ’m dreaming distant taco dreams
of that joint on the road to monterrey
stone smoke rising & corn tortillas
then on the way back north early morning
everything shut down potent mezcal coma
stomach gurgling like a boiler tank
you asleep in the seat next to me
dust & the curse of the tourista
a rooster pecking on the side of the road
lonely as a mexican breakfast

(markk has buried sal & is