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Poetry en Masse

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I posted this elsewhere, since I am new, is this where i should be?

Poetry en Masse

Crying defiance, crawling out amongst the night-time vision of
The disenfranchised, the heap of humanness that is left to rest
Against the concrete backdrop of TimeÂ’s Square, the rounding
Out of the best and brightest, that would rise, grow legs and
Walk amongst the sidewalk of future landscape, describing
Crying the salutation of a nation awakening

The sidewalk step lent forth to brilliant noontime melody,
Played on harpsichord of Benzedrine and volcano, erupting
In the furious space between meaning and ultimate
Uprising, spastic and groaning, orgasmically right and beautiful

The substandard space that left the Buddha walking, wandering
Always seeking the corner-store, the breath of the cowboy, the
Slight walk, the effervescent gift of sauntering, that would carry
The cowboy, purposefully and accumulating, response and repose
Wandering in calamity, and purpose, above all, the greatest of prose
Written and wild

He spoke, as the wagons circled round, the firelight of Denver night
The timing and speaking syncopated by the chanting of a brave
Soul, the mother-light, screaming, “On, On, On – Go, Go, Go”
The tearful exhaustion, that riddled the body so, could not be left
Not at the doorstop, tonight

“Go”, that was the directive, shouting and wailing against the
Whitewashed walls of nighttime visions, against the neon
Chinatown nightlife, and against the City Lights, that call us all
Bring us to our overwhelming conclusion, oh do not ask, now do
Not ask, “What is it?”