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pieces stolen

Posted to Action Poetry

you are a queen
decendant of queens
brought to my eyes
by the light of a dream
pushed out the door
through a hole in the screen
too never be seen
never be seen
there was a piece of you stolen
and now they say you are sullen
lost in the waves of an epedimic
of grey sad sickness
and now we are haunted
me and you by dopefiends
and lovers and school teachers
and me the drunken poet
drunk now on a sunday
holiest of days to some
and now i pray
and beg to sin again
for all of the most wrong
of wrong reasons
and tomorrow ill be pleasin
to live and die in this season
and woe to you please
please dont be grievin
cause last time i was at your
house i was drunk and thievin
and if your readin this now
im doin it again
so good nite my friends
good nite my friends

aint i a drunk bastard
*old bull*