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And you, you really are a queen, oh such a queen

Posted to Action Poetry

And you, you really are a queen, oh such a queen
Ive just made the scene
Hair curls like the greek gods powerful and awesome
Yr sweet girlish view on everything
Makes me wonder...
What are you doing, where must you be going
Im an irresponsible wreck writing disjointed, unfeely poems and claiming it avant-garde
But you remain at the guard, over-cautious, yes
If you are the muse, then who is the
Thats a sham for sure, if any dumb yablacko calls me an artist then he's even dumber than I thought
I am merely a recorder...a recorder of something substantial and real
and isnt that what beauty really is? Substantial and real
To experience a queen, taste her insides and mull over her words
No man can ask for anything more.
The poet takesthe easy way out on life
He observes and comments on it, but he dont live it
He aint no actor in the play, he's the the press guide
Whatta site you are! You helens got us strung up and willing.