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the cycle of getting burned

Posted to Action Poetry

i had this extremely disturbing dream
i called u and for once, u were home
but instead of carrying on a nice conversation
you laughed at me
wanted nothing to do with me,
and thats what ive been afraid of
because u know what, reality will hit
someone will come along, just a plain ass girl maybe just like me, one w/ faded burgundy levi goodwill cords, thin white strappy shirt, and burnt ass shoulders like she'd been in the sun too long and unable to stand its burning rays
like stinging bees around her metallic hair,
waiting to strike her again with pain once more
knowing she wont move, just them hit her like she's always done
one doesnt strike, thats the one she wants to keep
falling asleep in a sweat from the heat coming thru the huge window
watching the moon come in to enhance the auras one said he saw
doubting those are truly around her
why would she emit any kinda glow, shes just herself, not anything great
killing herself over that stinging pain
waiting, seeing if itll ever stop
theres nothing to soothe it this late at night
the white light on her face hurts so much
but its only hitting her with facts
that she cant seem to always handle too well
but someday itll really sink in
she cant win this game ever
the cycle of getting burned tends to go on forever
maybe in a new cycle of life, easing the burns will be better..