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The Gleaming Teeth

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the gleaming teeth are surrounding me again slowly but surely as i sit here whining 'bout it--the ties are straight and dark and solid contrasting with the aforementioned teeth. getting shinier by the second trying to put me in their trance--I! can be one of them, shining my teeth on someone else who may think they are individual--fuck that. i guess i don't care how much weight they put on me I! have to keep on being who i am here i am utter bedlam the scurvy infested dogs they be...I can run.
i am not enough to chase they know it I! know it--You! know it. ah. itah.
i saw em follow me into the bank to watch me use my cash card to laugh at me when i have no more dineros to buy my cigs gas food booze(snooze)freedom sanity...
The Gleaming Teeth.
I will not say everyone cliche this day as it is sunny and the train is dinging by forced on its path to the very known boring(snoring) thing it sees every single day in day out day in day out until it breaks down.

such a shame everyone becomes nothing more than scrap metal no matter how rich or poor or good or evil or black white yellow red--mauve lavendar all in the same bed... together.
we all rot together at varying times all the same time circle jerk.

its a perk, actually.
You I The Gleaming Teeth...
We don't have to win.