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'John Coltrane/A Love Supreme'

Posted to Action Poetry

Where are we as a human race?
Johnny asks, jimmy says
I don't know man, how 'bout you?
I think the thief will get his due.
We stand here, wasting all our time,
But can we waste it, or
Will we waste away?

I think you're started, but what do I know,
I went to the library, couldn't find 'Go'
So what, how's that the timing was wrong
Or the lighting was off, but now
We're here, so let's get going
The time's running out,
And the needle's picked up.

So i hear, but what do you know
You tell me all, yet leave me no reason
For vagabond reality and her sharp-dressed kin.
Now, respond if need be, but haven't the clouds
Engulfed your eyes, and the dreams you see
Now drown out the visions of yesteryear
In order to damn it all down?

Well, so it may seem, to the untrained eye,
But behind the scenes is the pinnacle glimpsed,
A bright and shining, well-worn monument
Worm-eaten and subdued, but
Still ready to shock and ream the mind
Of any who dare
Beck his dark name!

You know, if i look close enough
I'll see your point, swallowed, transfixed
On the evenstar light, while
Dreams of angels are forgotten for
A minute's cheap thrill. however,
As we all can see, the brain may
Rebound from the deepest pitfalls.

Yes, nominal only, our 'perception'
Of 'reality.' the mind far too weak
To truly see, hear, or think. now
Perceptions mistrusted are no man's ally,
But to trust the eyes o'er the mind
Can lead to ruin or victory. i
Shall let you decide.

How gracious, good sir, that my own answer
I may provide, to give satisfaction and
Sweet repose to mortals' dreamings of life.
Now first notice this leaf to the ground,
How soft yet so fast her path sure to be.
How to be sure of the leaf or the fall,
When one cannae tell if motion be truth,

Parmenides' son, the noble one
Supposed unseen, as the atom once was,
And now the very borders of reality.
We shall soon see that that which has been
And that which will be are so differing
As to seem seen the same,
Whilst quarks and plancks fly swift about.

How far man has travelled, since
Time was born, but by unknown devices
May still be born anew, a realm undreamt,
Unmade yet waiting to be unmade.
Fifths, fourths, you make up your mind,
The only difference the string
Which the universe vibrates.

Now shall the truth let her seeds be sown
But still, the mind shan't fathom
Nor hear the depth of perception
As heaven's walls and the water drop
Shrink to giant proportions. may we
Herald the day each enters the ground
For the question is silenced.

(by andy sexton, written while listening to the record, please comment if you want to)