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The Answer

Posted to Action Poetry

The air is thick and lonely
The sky is dark and empty
Walking on the black road
The white lines begin to merge
My feet lightly tread on the lines
My shadow disappears into the night

When the stars do not shine
When the world is gone
I'll be standing here
I'll be waiting for an answer

Thoughts running through my head
I wish my life ends in lead
I see the infinite before me
I smell the fire dying on the road
My feet cool and eyes begin to warm
My soul will be swallowed by the storm

Thunder shall call down from the heavens
And the master shall strike again
His heavy eyes full of electricity
Holding the axe in both hands
He's bringing liberty
To all the wonton souls
Like the ancient star foretold

The spirits call from beyond
They dance were I stand
The dark becomes dawn
I see the sun again and I fall
I fall to my knees and I call
I call out to those who may hear
They do not answer and again, I wait...

When the light no longer shines
When the darkness no longer hides me
I'll be dying here
I'll be learning the answer

Please critique.