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your own little world.

Posted to Action Poetry

wheres the day gone when im out sitting sunning on the green lawn,
but its not a lawn, its a place for the hip
to talk about phish, their fancy shit,
pretend to be someone theyre not just to fit in
not give it a second thought about whether its fake
its about as fake as the smile i have when it rains
when it gets cold, no one complains of the brisk breeze passing by like me trying to tell them to get a clue
they continue sitting, as i laugh at their superficiality, their narrowmindedness,
wheres their education fit in all those things
theyll never see it
open-mindness doesnt come with a huge check
it certainly doesnt come with staying with the same crowd
doesnt come with your "own preppy style" or seeing/hearing the same things over and over
you are afraid to try anything/anyone new
try going outside your little world for once and see what the real life is like