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Isnt it Sad

Posted to Action Poetry

The future wishes it were today
thats good and fine
What attributes to this wish

Predictability v. Spontaneity

Isnt it sad when the boy plans for all the twists
He knows what he'll do here and what he'll do there
He envisions with whom he'll make friends and with whom he'll have rifts
Can it be so? How one desires to grow

Look towards tomorrow
and laugh
Keep yr schedule clear
avoid the trap
Nothing Nothing to be done tomorrow
Nothing Nothing to be known
Will it be pleasure, or will it be sorrow
If you look into my eyes, you wont turn to stone

I can only see 5 feet in front of me
I can see, the shade made by an oak tree
The hot air sticks to my lungs
Fate picks its victims with a pair of prongs

With wistful eyes, see the times past
With grownup fingers, touch the ancient cast
Stop the day to reminisce and sit in that old chair
Close yr eyes, let the day you lead you there