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it breaks into fragments

Posted to Action Poetry

the pieces crash around a room
at 4 a.m. in slow motion
could be the stupidity the blindness the babble
the endless noise of the foolish
at 4 a.m. so much is on parade

then comes 5 and maybe a bird or 2
and a poem or 2
and a heart fluttering hope
or 2
and 4 a.m. will come again
with a whole 24 hours
chance to surprise us
just maybe
a kindred look
to help us glue
the fragments
in a new way

gotta break
before you can build

Yoko Ono once played
a party game. . .
you shatter the plate
and then you piece it together
you and a friend or 2
and voila!
you've birthed a new reality
even if the plate doesn't hold
something else has happened

4 a.m. plate play