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Let me take you to the flip side of the dark side
hold my hand now,dont worry now:
after the robbing of quickmarts and the stopping off at dark dope spots
after that
theres the
And you'll stop me on the stoop and whisper
just one word:
and I,with the dope diamonds in my eyes
will simply ask you "What?"
and smile.
and you'll say "Lush..your lips,your body and those green cat eyes like ive never seen before"
and so then I will kiss you before the key is in
the door

Hold my hand now,don't worry now,
after the chillssweatache sick
(wipe my tears,i will dry yours)
after we creep up,act slick slip bills
get the shit
after that
theres the
and not just I but you,me the whole world will
lush and
I'll kiss you before and after we shut the city
behind the door

Hold my hand now,don't worry now
It will silence the screams,replace with only
the best dreams
and after the hard times I will still be with
you ,never leave you
just smile shake my head:look at you,you've got
honey dripping everywhere..youre a mess
and you'll ask if this will last forever
shhh,i'll whisper,
til the end of time..yes
because after all the madness
theres the